Network Rail warning after High Speed train almost hits cyclist near Canterbury

Video report by ITV News Meridian's Kit Bradshaw

Network Rail has issued a warning to level-crossing users after a High Speed train almost hit a cyclist near Canterbury.

The Southeastern High Speed train was running at around 80mph as it approached the foot crossing which links Ashford Road in Chartham. Upon seeing the cyclist using the level-crossing the driver used to emergency break, bringing the train to stand just before the crossing.

It follows two similar incidents involving walkers near Sevenoaks in August.


Near-misses with pedestrians in Kent last year at level crossings.

So far this year there has been 16 near-misses in Kent and 21 in Sussex.

Jim Maxwell, Head of Drivers for Southeastern has said that their drivers don't deserve the extra stress these incidents cause and that reckless trespass incidents can have a profound impact on driver's mental health and could even cause them to have flashbacks if they're involved in a fatal collision.