Brighton is Britain's top snoring hot spot

Brighton's residents are the nation's biggest snorers Credit: PA Images

A new survey by health screening app SleepCheck has revealed that Brighton is the nation's 'snoriest' city with Southampton coming in second place.

The survey of two thousand people broke down the statistics which handed Brighton the gong:


Brighton residents revealed that they snore


Brighton residents that admitted to snoring on a weekly basis


Brighton residents that admitted to snoring every night

Hot on Brighton's snorers' heels are the residents of Southampton with 56% revealing they snore, 46% admitting to snoring weekly and 16% snoring every night.

When trying to get to the bottom of Brighton's snoring situation, SleepCheck found residents blamed: certain sleeping positions, drinking alcohol or having a cold.


Brighton's snorers that are frequently woken up in the night

Snoring, however common it may be, is also a common sign of obstructive sleep apnoea, a serious condition that affects 1.5 million Brits. It's a condition that can lead to more serious conditions such as depression, heart issues and strokes.

90% of respondents said that they'd never been tested sleep apnoea. However, people can now check if they're at risk by using smartphone apps which monitor breathing and snoring patterns overnight.