Man awoken by masked men smashing down his door in mistaken identity attack

A man from Havant says he no longer feels safe after his home was attacked by men wielding weapons. 

Moz Rose says he was woken by a gang trying to break down his front door at 2am - armed with baseball bats and axes.

Hampshire police say they believe it's a case of mistaken identity. 

Mr Rose could only brace himself against the door to stop the attackers gaining entry.

Mr Rose described how he suddenly had to fight for his and his families' life after being woken up in the early hours of the morning.

"I heard the door being literally smash, smash with something," he said.

"I didn't know what it was they had, but it was something pretty tasty, something pretty heavy, they were determined to get in."

A neighbour, who didn't want to appear on camera, told us she heard the commotion and looked out to see four men banging on the door with weapons

She immediately called the police.

She told Mr Rose "they had an axe and baseball bats so they came tooled up, they knew what they were going to do."

The front door to Mr Rose's flat is still heavily damaged.

Three deep cuts still remain in the door, a reminder of what happened during the attack.

Mr Rose described how he was millimetres away, braced on the other side, desperate for it to hold.

"All I could do was just try to keep that door from stop coming in," he said.

"If they'd come in...they would have killed us.

"After that [we] just don't feel safe here anymore, it's that not knowing, are they going to come back again at any point?"

  • WATCH: Moz Rose describes how the attack has affected him and his family

Hampshire police have told ITV News Meridian that they believe Mr Rose and his family were not the intended targets, in a case of mistaken identity.

But although their ordeal is over, Mr Rose said that the effects of what happened will be long lasting.

"I keep thinking how it affected my family.

"That's the thing that really hurt and really upsets me is just how it affected my wife and my other family members."