Church service held for mother and 3 children killed in A40 crash

Zoe Powell with her husband and children in happier times

A church service has been held to remember a mother and her three children who were killed in a crash on the A40 in Oxfordshire. 

Zoe Powell, 29, and three of her four children - daughters Phoebe and Amelia aged eight and four and her son Simeon who was six-years-old, died after their car collided with a lorry on the A40 near Oxford last week.

Her husband Josh and their fourth child, an infant daughter, survived the collision and are being treated in hospital. They remain in a critical condition.

The online service was organised by the family's local church in Chinnor. 

The whole community has felt this not just us as a church which Josh and Zoe and the children were a part of, an active part of. But they were known and loved throughout this community.

This is a community that knew and loved Josh and Zoe and the children. They were actively involved in so many things in school and life here in Chinnor, and so they also feel the pain here as well and I think in a sense want to share in that together, want to grieve together.

Pastor Peter Walley, Chinnor Community Church