'My daughter told me she wanted to be white', Kent mum writes book to empower

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A mother from Kent who was told by by her five-year old daughter that she wanted to be white has written a book to empower children.

Isha Dibua, who is from Gillingham, was so taken aback by Adanna's remarks that she felt she needed to do something impactful.

"It was gut-wrenching. I think I consider myself a parent that tries to encourage my children and empower them and so for her to still feel like that I just felt I had to do something. There were conversations about how she is beautiful and wonderful but I felt she was listening but didn't really feel it".

Adanna (left) told her mother Isha that she wanted to be white

The book features illustrations of young black girls and uses three positive words for each letter of the alphabet.

Isha says she wished she didn't have to produce a book but needed to because black people are still subjected to racism.

She wants the book to educate and encourage acceptance.

Isha hopes the book will inspire and empower

I think it is a book that is very important for not only young black girls to be empowered but I think affirmations are for everybody

Isha Dibua, author

Isha said, "I've had mother's of sons say they've got the book to help their children to value and to respect women. I've had white children who have got the book and said that looks just like my little friend, so it's a book for everybody."

Isha has never published a book before but now plans a series themed on under-represented groups.

Her family are incredibly proud.

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Isha hopes her work will make a difference to ensure children are proud of their identity.