Long Covid: Carers say the symptoms are "absolutely devastating"

Long covid generic hands
Long Covid is having a devastating impact on carers and healthcare professionals Credit: ITV News

Long Covid is having a devastating impact on carers and healthcare professionals, who were on the frontline at the start of the pandemic.

The long term illness has left many unable to work and has cost them their health, just as the NHS needs them most.

This issue has been highlighted by two key workers from the South, who say the uncertainty is one of the hardest parts, with no clear treatment option available.

  • Jade Townsend, Nursery worker

Jade has been unable to return to work as a result of Long Covid

Jade worked in a nursery caring for young children. Like many people, she thought the young would not be badly affected by the virus.

However, the 23-year-old has been suffering with the affects of Long Covid and has not been able to work since April.

Jade has breathing problems, chest pains and fatigue, which means her life is very limited.

  • Rosie Richards, Carer

Rosie says the impact of the virus has been "absolutely devastating".

Rosie was passionate about her job, working as in a care home. She was nominated for carer of the year, but hasn't been able to work for six months because of Long Covid.

She says it's "absolutely devastating" and is frustrated by the lack of support and that people don't realise the long term implications of Covid.

Rosie and Jade hope that by sharing their story, more people - young and old - will be aware of how dangerous the virus can be.