Inspired by Sir Tom, 104 year old Berkshire woman walks a marathon for Thames Valley Air Ambulance

  • Watch Mel Bloor's report. She spoke to Ruth Saunders, her granddaughter Kate and Andy Colledge from the Thames Valley Air Ambulance.

Despite all the doom and gloom of 2020, this year has also brought about some impressive fundraising efforts and they don't come much more inspiring than this.

104-year-old Ruth Saunders from Newbury is walking the length of a marathon to raise money for Thames Valley Air Ambulance.

She says she was bored during lockdown and looking for something to do. Then she heard about Sir Tom Moore's charity efforts and decided to follow in his footsteps.

Ruth's original plan was to complete 104 walks to match her age - a distance of roughly 21 miles.

But after a little encouragement from her granddaughter Kate, she decided to up the ante, and complete a full marathon.

So far Ruth has raised more than £28,000 for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance. Like many charities it has been hard hit in the pandemic but still relies on £15,000 every day to stay flying.

Paramedic Andy Colledge is grateful for Ruth's efforts.

For more information about Ruth's fundraising efforts please click here