Caravans on Isle of Sheppey destroyed by 'mini tornado'

261020-Sheppey Tornado-Meridian

Residents on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent have pulled together to clear up damage caused by what they describe as a 'mini tornado'.

Caravans were left flattened and trees were uprooted at Palm Tree Holiday Park, following high winds and heavy rain over the weekend.

It happened during stormy weather on Saturday

Charlie Davis, a resident at the holiday park, described the carnage as like a '10 car pile-up on a motorway'.

He says: "I thought I would have a ride around to make sure everyone was okay, or if anyone needed help. And then as I got up and sort of drove around the corner, I actually stopped and wiped by eyes, I thought I was still asleep.

"It looked like a bomb had hit it. One of the trees had uprooted outside the club. And then literally about 50 metres from there was where the two caravans landed on the road. I mean it was lucky no one was in them, they wouldn't have gotten out alive I don't think. It was like a 10 car pile-up on a motorway".