New mobile cameras help win the war on fly-tippers

Brighton and Hove City Council have issued a warning to fly-tippers: "beware - we are watching you".

The new clampdown by the council has seen the installation of CCTV and number plate recognition cameras at some of the city's worst dumping grounds.

CCTV cameras have been set up at fly-tipping hotspots across Brighton and Hove Credit: ITV News Meridian

Within the first 24 hours of the cameras being erected six fly-tippers were caught illegally unloading their unwanted rubbish and fines were issued totally £2,000.

The cameras are mobile and can be moved anywhere around the city to deter people who break the law by dumping their unwanted items on the street, at recycling points or on private land.

  • Max Smith, Environmental Enforcement Manager

The Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) means that when footage of a vehicle is captured, the number plate will be matched with data from Sussex Police to track down the owner.

Fly-tipping in Brighton

Anyone caught fly-tipping can receive a minimum fine of £400, however, as it's a criminal offence, fly-tippers can receive an unlimited fine or face court action.

The most common kinds of fly-tipping are dumping any household items like mattresses, fridges and sofas beside communal bins or recycling points.

The new cameras follow on from the council setting up a fly-tipping hotline - 01273 295063 - where people can report a fly-tip crime, allowing council staff to respond immediately and possibly even catch the perpetrators in the act.

Or you can fill out an online form to report an incident of fly-tipping.