Locals urged to ‘adopt’ sections of beach to tackle plastic waste

Environmental campaigners are encouraging people to adopt parts of Eastbourne beach in an effort to rid it of plastic waste. 

People who sign up are assigned a specific numbered section, around 100 yards wide, to look after.

Organisers say the adoption scheme doesn’t involve any actual ownership or liability for the land, which remains the property of Eastbourne Borough Council. But it is hoped those taking part will regularly pick up litter along their bit of the seafront. “

More than 30 people have signed up to adopt part of a beach in Sussex

Since the initiative launched, on 23 October, more than 30 people have signed up to adopt part of the shore. Bill Harris and Jenny Johnson, who live locally, are among the first volunteers to join the project. 

“It’s a really great idea. What it does is it gives you [a sense of] ownership. You just feel like it’s a small, easily controlled part, which you can keep nice and clean,” said Ms Johnson. “There’s always plastic bottles, which I often pick up and put in the rubbish bin. So, it’s good to be more systematic now I’ve got my litter picker and plastic bag,” Mr Harris added.

People are being encouraged to adopt a section of beach

Each section of beach can have a number of ‘adopters’, with schools, hotels and other local businesses also being encouraged to sign-up alongside individuals.

Adopters are encouraged to be aware of each other and liaise about litter picks and other clean ups.

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