Animals at Marwell Zoo enjoy Halloween treats

Animals at a wildlife park in Hampshire have enjoyed exploring some 'spooktacular' treats ahead of Halloween.  

Keepers at Marwell Zoo offered pumpkins to species across the zoo and each displayed different reactions and natural behaviours. 

In the wild, Asian small-clawed otters, bokiboky and Guianan squirrel monkeys spend time searching for and manipulating their food, so keepers scattered insects inside the carved pumpkins to encourage foraging behaviours. 

The Burmese mountain tortoises chomped into whole pumpkins using their jaws, enjoying the different tastes and textures of their treat.

Meanwhile, Marwell’s inquisitive male Amur tiger, Bagai, used all his senses to investigate and play with his pumpkin, batting the treat around with his powerful paws and making a splash as he took it into his pool. 

Marwell Zoo’s 140 acres of landscaped park is the perfect place to get closer to nature and admire the changing Autumn colours. 

From stunning snow leopards and towering Rothschild’s giraffe, Marwell offers visitors the opportunity to get up close to amazing members of the animal kingdom. 

Conservation charity Marwell Wildlife owns and operates the zoo so by visiting you will be helping amazing projects to conserve species and habitats both in the UK and around the world.