Kent Great-Grandmother banks Thunderball top prize

291020-lottery win gravesend
Sheila Garrett does admit it is all a bit surreal.

A great-grandmother from Kent has banked £500,000 on Thunderball and declared, “I always knew I would win.” 

It is the second time the 80-year-old has struck lucky, having won $20,000 playing a similar type of lottery game when she lived in the USA.

Sheila Garrett does admit it is all a bit surreal. “I can’t get my head around it at the moment.  It is still quite new and hasn’t really sunk in.  It has become more real after holding the big cheque.”

Sheila, from Gravesend, checked the winning numbers for this draw (September 25), and thought they all looked 'a little bit familiar'.

She says: “I looked and thought they looked like my numbers and that I had better sign in to my National Lottery account.  As soon as I saw the message that I had won, I knew it was £500,000 top prize.  I always knew I would win Thunderball.”

As for her spending plans, Sheila has always said that she would buy a bungalow when she won, but now having had a look at property her plans have changed. 

She says: “I live in a flat in a lovely retirement community with a club and social trips.  Buying a bungalow would meaning leaving all that. There is a larger flat available in my complex so I have my eye on that. It is on the top floor so I suppose you could say I’m moving to the penthouse!"