Businesses in the South and South East brace for second lockdown

Hospitality businesses were still recovering from the first lockdown in March. Credit: ITV Meridian

Thousands of bars, pubs and restaurants across the South are preparing to close ahead of Thursday's national lockdown. 

The Prime Minister announced the month-long restrictions on Saturday in response to a sharp rise in cases of Covid-19. 

Businesses in the hospitality industry are still recovering for the lockdown in March, and many have been forced to adapt in order to survive.

Harvey's Brewery in Lewes has been going for 200 years and supplies 43 pubs.

Harvey's Brewery in Lewes supplies 43 pubs. Credit: ITV Meridian

With pubs being forced to close for a month, Head Brewer Miles Jenner says it is "likely that there will be casualties within the system".

Max Romano runs a restaurant in Southampton and says business was just beginning to pick up.

The new restrictions will last until the first week of December, a peak time for hospitality, in an attempt to bring down cases of Covid-19.