Daughter recreates her fathers world war flights over Kent in Hawker Hurricane

Video Report by ITV News Meridian's John Ryall

In the lead up to this Remembrance Sunday, the daughter of a World War Two RAF fighter pilot has paid an emotional tribute to her father. 

To mark the occasion she is flying over her his former RAF station in tribute to him and all those who served.

80 years after her father began his World War Two campaign, Eugenie Brooks prepares to take a flight in the very Hurricane her father flew in the skies over Kent.

Pilot officer John William Brooks flew with 174 Mauritius squadron out of RAF Manston, and incredibly, the only two seater Hawker Hurricane in the world is his aircraft.

  • Robin J Brooks, Aviation Historian

  • Eugenie Brooks

Eugenie's father flew with various squadrons during the War, but the Hurricane was his favourite aircraft, and Eugenie has inherited all of his passion.

Sadly, Eugenie lost her father in 1993, but hopes in this week of remembrance, this emotional flight will commemorate not only her father, but all the brave men and women at the RAF.

Eugenie's father flew with various squadrons during the War