Marwell Wildlife facing 'toughest challenge in 50 year history'

The cost of looking after the animals and their environments are incredibly high.

Marwell Wildlife says it's facing the toughest challenge in its near 50 year history as England goes into a second lockdown.

The charity behind the zoo, located near Winchester, say the Coronavirus crisis has 'significantly impacted' them and even though they managed to open their doors to visitors for four months, the future is looking uncertain.

The charity relies solely on income from the zoo and the fundraising of its supporters and now each day the zoo is closed their need for help increases. As well as the running of the zoo the charity is also responsible for conservation projects in the UK and around the world.

Many of Marwell's animals are endangered in the wild

Marwell Zoo is home to more than 140 species many of which are endangered in the wild and would ordinarily engage with 50,000 school children each year. On average 500,000 people visit the 140 acre site each year.

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