Kent barber locked out of shop by landlord after refusing to close during lockdown

Video report by ITV News Meridian's Abigail Bracken

A barber from Kent who'd been determined to keep trading in breach of lockdown rules, has now been barred from his shop by his landlord.

Last week, Met Warwick had vowed to keep cutting hair in his salon in Kings Hill near Maidstone which he opened just 10 weeks ago. 

However his landlord has now locked him out. 

Met says: "The authorities didn't close me down, the police didn't close me down, the council didn't close me down, it's my landlord who's done this.

"I believe it's freedom of choice if people want to come and get their hair done, people feel that it's essential, it's essential for their own feelings."

Hairdressers and barbers all have to close for the latest England-wide lockdown, with most complying with the law. The government says it is necessary to curb the rising coronavirus infection rates.

In a statement, his landlord, Capital Space, told ITV Meridian: "Mr Warwick signed an agreement which required him to abide by any legal requirements affecting his premises.

"Mr Warwick breached the terms of his agreement with us. He declined to co-operate when these breaches were drawn to his attention and so we were left with no alternative but to deny him access to his premises for the purpose of operating a hair salon during the lockdown period."

Mr Warwick says he will return to collect his razors when lockdown ends, with no plans to reopen.