Covid-19: Students to get 'travel window' to get them home for Christmas

Universities are preparing for a mass exodus between the 3rd and the 9th of December Credit: ITV News Meridian

Full report by Heather Edwards:

Students in Oxford and Reading have been told that there will be a 'travel window' to get them home for Christmas and minimise the spread of Coronavirus.

In what's said to be an "ambitious plan" students will be tested for the virus in the first week of December. If they test negative they will then be encouraged to go home at that point.

If the student tests positive for Covid-19 then they will be told to self-isolate for ten days and this, in theory, would give them enough time to then get back home for the festive period.

1,000,000 +

Students in the UK

The Government says there will be a targeted approach to testing with universities with high cases or more vulnerable students being prioritised.

Students have been sharing their thoughts on the news, with most being supportive of the decision.

Tasked with the challenge of moving the students back home once tested will be firms like coach operators National Express, who say there are measures in place to make the students feel safe.

National Express reassure passengers measures are in place for Covid-secure travel Credit: ITV News Meridian

The measures include temperature checks upon entry, social distancing on-board and screens between the passengers and the driver.

The government say they are determined to get students home for Christmas. Mass testing is due to start in a matter of weeks and then will come the mass evacuation from our universities.