All Around Britain duo Alex Beresford and Ria Hebden get first public view of Winston Churchill painting

AAB Churchill painting
Winston Churchill was born at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire. Credit: ITV All Around Britain

All Around Britain's Alex Beresford was joined by his new co-host Ria Hebden for this Sunday's 'All Around Britain' when the duo explored Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill.

The pair discovered how Britain's wartime leader was born two months early while his parents were at a ball at Blenheim Palace in 1875. And a lock of Churchill's hair is still on display above the bed.

Alex and Ria also learn about the former Prime Minister's love of painting and help unveil one of Churchill's oil paintings from 1947 that has never been on display to the public before.

Winston Churchill was an avid painter. Credit: ITV All Around Britain

While at the Palace they also put on their hard hats and wellies to help cut down and decorate the Christmas tree that will be the centerpiece for this year's Christmas Illuminated Light Trail at Blenheim.

All Around Britain is on ITV at 11:55am this Sunday. You can watch previous episodes here.