Meet the East Sussex teenager solving Rubik's cubes in seconds

  • Video report from ITV Meridian reporter Andy Dickenson

A teenager from East Sussex has won an international Rubik's cube "rescrambling title" - as he's able to work towards a randomly generated pattern in just 17.6 seconds.

Chris Mills, who's 18-years-old and from East Hoathly, has spent six years and more than 5,000 hours practicing to build up his skills.

He says was "very surprised" at the win, but says he hopes to compete for a European record.

Chris says that "dedication" is a key part of his success.

"Go on YouTube and find a tutorial and just don't give up until you can do it," he said.

"There's a method, there's lots of different methods.

"And for each step I'll know exactly what to do depending on what case I get when I'm solving it.

"I just look at something, think which one of these shall I do, figure it out and do it."

Chris' dad Stuart says he's son did all off his own back.

"He taught himself on YouTube and found the time to practice and gradually over the years, it's six years since he started, he's just got quicker and quicker."

Chris hopes to one day challenge for a European record with the cube - but it'll be no mean feat, with world champion cube solvers managing sub-4 second times.