Fourteen people fined after repeatedly trying to leave the country

Kent Police officers at the Port of Dover and the Channel Tunnel engaged with more than fifty people between Thursday and Sunday last week Credit: ITV News Meridian

Fourteen people have been fined by Kent Police after trying to leave the country in breach of the government's Covid-19 regulations.

Kent Police were stationed at the Port of Dover and the Channel Tunnel and were turning people away after reminding them of the current restrictions.

Some of the people were also travelling in groups of more than two and mixing with other households.

As part of a set of four-week restrictions in place to keep people safe from Coronavirus, people aren't allowed leave the UK or even be outdoors unless for specific reasons.

Four cars who were turned away at the port then tried to cross using the Channel Tunnel Credit: ITV News Meridian

Officers at the port spoke with the individuals including eight people in one car from two separate families who were attempting to travel from London to Bulgaria.

They also spoke to the occupants of three other cars, two coming from the Midlands and one from Norfolk.

Despite this advice, all four cars then tried to leave the country via the Channel Tunnel instead. They were stopped again and and each given a fixed penalty notice of £200.

The driver of the car containing eight people was also given a fixed penalty notice for having no insurance.