Diesel and petrol cars to be banned by government by 2030 under PM's green plan

Video report by ITV News Meridian's Tom Savvides

The sale of petrol and diesel cars is to be banned in just over nine years time. The Government wants people to buy cleaner, greener vehicles from 2030 onwards.

It is part of Prime Minister Boris Johnson's "green industrial revolution" - a 10 point plan to tackle climate change.

Banning the sale of wholly petrol or diesel cars is part of the plan. As many as 40,000 premature deaths are related to car pollution every year.

The number of charging points is growing Credit: Mike Egerton/PA

The infrastructure needed to support an increased number of electric or hybrid vehicles on the road is not yet fully in place in many parts of the South and South East.

The AA asked the UK's 353 local authorities if they were ready with charging points. Of the 316 that replied 47 said they had 'no plans' to introduce them. That includes Maidstone, Medway, Folkestone & Hythe, Swale, and Thanet. 

Other councils, such as Brighton and Hove, say they welcome the move to push ahead on the petrol ban. 

17-year-old Harrison Hughes from Hove passed his driving test a month ago and owns an electric car. He says he has always been fascinated by electric vehicles.

But some drivers will have to be convinced that electric is an affordable and convenient alternative.

The AA says only 1 in 6 English councils has on-street charging points.