Controlled explosion at Fawley Power Station felt from miles away

The aftermath of the controlled explosion at Fawley Power Station. Credit: Fawley Waterside

A controlled explosion at Fawley Power Station in Hampshire on Thursday was felt as far away as the Isle of Wight.

It was the second explosion at the site in Calshot within two years as it continues to be demolished.

Watch the moment the boiler house was demolished:

Video Credit: Waterside Police

At 10am on Thursday (November 19) the southern section of the boiler house was reduced to rubble.

An exclusion zone was created around the site from 9am, with residents being warned in advance.

In October 2019 the turbine, hall roof and deaerator building were demolished.

Full demolition of the Fawley Power Station site is estimated to be complete in 2022.