Jockey turned firefighter wins top award

Kylie Manser-Baines Credit: JETS picture

A former jockey from Maidstone has won a top award for her work since leaving the racetrack.

Kylie Manser-Baines now has a business retraining and rehoming racehorses.

Plus, she's become a firefighter.

Leading her to win the Jockey Club Achievement Award - at this year's JETS Richard Davis awards.

Kylie first went to John Best's yard at Hucking near Maidstone while she was at school, before becoming a jockey and going on to have 49 winners.

Since retiring she's had help from the Jockeys Education & training Scheme, based in Newsbury, which helped her to become a firefighter.

The biggest challenge for me is actually realising and admitting that I need to transition from being a jockey.  I was always too heavy and I was never gonna be the next Hayley Turner unfortunately.

Kylie Manser-Baines

Although she's retired from racing Kylie's love of horses has never dimmed, which led to a successful business retraining racehorses into riding horses.

The retraining part of it, I wanted to give something back to the horses. Being a jockey and understanding how thoroughbreds work and being trained in racing has been a huge help for me. Because I understand how they've been ridden and what they've been through, before they came to me. I just love riding them and seeing them transition through from a racing to a riding horse.

Kylie Manser-Baines

Kylie credits the Jockeys Education and Training Scheme with helping her forge a career as a firefighter.

Topping it off - with the Jockey Club achievement award at the JETS Richard David Awards.