Brighton and Hove's Artists Open Houses goes virtual

Tap to watch a video report about Brighton and Hove's Artists Open Houses adapting

It's not how they usually do things but artists from Brighton and Hove have opened up their houses online.

Normally face to face viewings would take place in the Artists Open Houses Winter Festival but can't because of the pandemic.

It's meant those involved with the event have been finding different ways to showcase their work, from zoom interviews to video tours.

The event is even more so important because Covid-19 has caused galleries to close, cutting off places for artists to display their pieces.

  • Judy Stevens organises the festival

"For artists it's been a really difficult period so this is a really special and important opportunity for artists to have a platform to show and meet new audiences to showcase their work.

"This year has been like no other and, in this difficult time, we have all needed to be adaptable, to embrace change and make the very best we can of the situation in which we find ourselves. This year's AOH Festival will be different and has, of necessity, evolved in new and interesting ways. Everyone is now in need of some festive pleasure and we believe our festival, virtual and real, will  offer special treats and great art for everyone."

  • Faye Bridgwater is showcasing her work online

Faye Bridgwater is one of the artists involved and has been showing off her Sussex-inspired landscapes.

"When you do exhibitions it's a real opportunity to connect with people and them to get to know you as an artist. That's why it's so important for me to be here and doing these calls. They're little half an hour meetings and I can talk about my work and my process with each person that's booked in, so hopefully they can understand me as an artist a bit more."

It's hoped December's weekends of open houses will be able to take place face to face,

But the virtual festival will remain online until the end of the year.

It does mean people can go into the artists homes without leaving theirs.