On the hunt for the two T-Rexes, the dinosaurs spotted in a Sussex village

Tap the video to find out more on the two dinosaurs roaming around a Sussex village

Dinosaurs have been extinct for about 65 million years but two of the creatures have been spotted, sort of, roaming around one part of Sussex.

The pair have attracted quite a Hassocks following and are now well know in the Mid-Sussex village.

They were first spotted at the end of October and are often seen around the park, and have even been captured attempting to play on the swings.

Not everything is pleased to see the Dinosaurs

We've seen dinosaurs living amongst humans in the movies.

The iconic Jurassic Park film series left audiences totally mesmerised by the believable cgi creatures.

The Hassocks dinosaurs are more costume than computer, but they're creating all sorts of attention.

Their identity is unknown but ITV Meridian understands they are two children who're using their halloween outfits to give people a lift during lockdown.

A lockdown boost: reaction from residents

One woman told us, "I think they're brilliant, they're really cool, it's nice to have something so exciting in the village".

Another said, "It's light hearted and just taking off the pressure of everything at the moment."

Who are they?

Wherever the dinosaurs go they attract a lot of attention...

A woman, who claims to know the identity of the dinosaurs, but wanted to remain anonymous told us,

"They're really happy. They think they need to go out for their fans to be seen. Nobody can know who they are that would ruin everything."The dinosaurs evolution has continued into the 21st century as they have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Wherever they go, they attract lots of followers.