A man who lost both his parents brings joy to those struggling with mental health

Video report by ITV News Meridian's Kerry Swain

A man who lost both his parents, and knows what it's like for people struggling with their mental health, is trying to help others and support his local community.

Marcus Tisson from Portsmouth is making it his mission to lift people's spirits in what ever way he can.

In the dark days of this pandemic Marcus Tisson understands that communication can save lives.

A friendly word, a wave to a neighbour stuck in isolation - people who lived only doors apart but were strangers to each other before coronavirus are now friends, encouraged to dance in the street during lockdown. 

Since the death of his parents Marcus has devoted his life to mental health awareness.

His mother Margaret took her own life in 2016. Two months later his father Winston who suffered from schizophrenia died. 

Marcus Tisson vowed to help people with their mental health following the death of his parents
  • Marcus Tisson, Mental health campaigner:

Shelagh is one of many neighbours in Portsmouth who've drawn strength from Marcus and his efforts to bring the community together.

Marcus is a teaching assistant for children with special needs and a stand up comedian through to the semi final of South Coast Comedian of the Year. 

Marcus is continuing to support the community during the pandemic.

On December 10th he's holding a night of music and comedy called Stand up 4 Mental Health at the Gaiety Bar in Southsea, any money raised will go to helping the homeless.

If you're struggling with your mental health you can get more advice and support from the following organisations: