How children are connecting with care home residents to tackle isolation and loneliness

Residents from care homes have received letters from local school children in Southampton

A scheme has been launched that aims to combat isolation and brighten up the day for people living in care homes across Southampton.

Children at schools in the Waterside area have written hundreds of letters or drawn pictures for the residents. It's to help them feel connected at a time when it's difficult to see family and loved ones. 

The pupils of Waterside Primary in Hythe are hoping to bring a smile to the faces of those isolated in lockdown. 

Oaklands rest home in Marchwood, like others, has had to restrict visits.  So the letters and drawings are making a real difference.  

The idea was introduced by the health and wellbeing team at Waterside Primary care network to combat loneliness - which is known to affect both mental and physical wellbeing.  The pupils write about their family and pets and look forward to better times.

The letters are the idea of the health and wellbeing team at Waterside Primary care network

9 schools have signed up for the scheme and hundreds of letters have been written - which will be distributed to 15 care homes as well as people living alone.

Some residents say they feel honoured by the letters
  • Emma Moakes, Headteacher, Waterside Primary School

The residents of Oaklands are planning to write back to the pupils - connecting generations together and bringing a bit of joy at a difficult time.