Sussex woman turns crisp packets into blankets for the homeless

Video report by ITV News Meridian's Tony Green

A woman from Sussex is helping people living on the streets to keep warm, by turning crisp packets into blankets.  

Pen Huston from Hastings uses 150 crisp packets for each blanket she makes, by ironing them together.

She came up with the idea a year ago while volunteering for the charity Surviving the Streets who were running out of sleeping bags, and since then she has helped homeless people around the world.

Her knowledge has been shared on social media and now other projects have followed.

James Robinson from Surviving the Streets says: "She came to me with this crisp packet idea, which was unbelievable, and it has managed to stop so many people from getting wet and keep them dry in the winter. We're very proud of her."

It takes 150 crisp packets to make a blanket. Credit: ITV News Meridian

For Pen, she says the reward is simply being able to help.

A blanket may not solve the issue of rough sleeping, but her project proves that small things can make a big difference.