Record dolphin sightings lead to record strandings off south coast

  • Video report by ITV News Meridian's Andy Dickenson

This summer saw record sightings of dolphins around the south coast with dozens spotted and filmed, as well as porpoises and seals. 

But that has been followed by record numbers of dolphin strandings, with campaigners calling for more action to stop 'super trawlers' that they insist are responsible.

Two super trawlers have recently been fishing off the Sussex coast. We contacted both operators who responded robustly to campaigners' concerns.

Local fisherman Ben Dunwell is based in Newhaven and says he's regularly seeing dolphin bodies - and supports Government plans to put CCTV on fishing boats.

Experts believe our appetite, as well as warming sea temperatures, leave dolphins caught in a perfect storm.

Others insist our waters are being over-fished. Whether these magical mammals can survive remains to be seen.