'It's beautiful', why the South's vaccine patients should give us hope this Christmas

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People from across the South who're among the first to receive their initial dose of the Covid-19 vaccine have been telling ITV Meridian they've shown little or no side effects at all.

It's been over two weeks since hospitals such as the Royal Sussex County in Brighton and Wexham Park in Slough, started rolling out the vaccination, with GP surgeries following suit.

Anne Moors receiving her vaccine at Dorset County Hospital Credit: Dorset County Hospital

Anne Moors, who is a care worker at a home in Dorset, received her jab at the County Hospital.

"The ladies are gonna be a lot safer. They're an older generation, they're more prone. I'm not so worried about coming into work and feel that if anything happened to them was I the one to blame?"

Imam Monawar Hussain receiving his vaccine Credit: Oxford University Hospital NHS Trust

Imam Monowar Hussain is the Muslim Chaplain at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust,

"Some of our colleagues have passed away, in the front line, trying to save lives and have lost their own lives doing that. With the vaccine more of us feel we're more resilient, that we're protecting ourselves, so we can continue to protect others."

He had a few side effects after, "Slight tiredness but apart from that, within about three days, I was back to normal."

Brian Harrison receives applause after his vaccine in Uckfield Credit:

Brian Harrison received applause after having his jab at his Uckfield surgery,

"There's no after effect, some people might, I haven't. You thought there might be a pain in the arm but there's nothing, nothing at all, it's beautiful."

"Hopefully I'll be safer to go around as the vaccine takes over once you've had the second jab."

  • Kenneth Lamb was the first person to be vaccinated in Kent, he hasn't had any side effects and is looking forward to 2021

GP-led vaccination hubs

In addition to the South's hospital hubs, GPs are leading several vaccination hubs...

  • Eight in Sussex

  • Three in Berkshire, Wiltshire and Buckinghamshire

  • Seven in Oxfordshire

  • Nine in Dorset

  • 36 in Hampshire and on the Isle of Wight

  • 22 across Kent and Medway

The Pfizer BioNTech vaccine comes in stages and every patient has to receive two doses.

All the patients we've spoken to will have theirs in the next few weeks. Seven days later, they'll be immunised.

However, the nature of the vaccine does present logistical challenges as it has to be stored at -70 degrees celsius up until it's used.

  • Dr Nigel Watson - represents GPs in Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Dorset and Wiltshire and says other vaccines will help speed up the process.

  • Dr Julian Spinks has got his Medway site in order and should be able to start vaccinating patients within weeks

The Government's confirmed the Oxford vaccine has submitted all of its data to the regulator who will decide if it's safe.

More than half a million people have received the vaccine so far, a club that is growing, which is a prospect that should provide us with hope.