Your Pictures: January 2021

We've made it to 2021 and you've already been braving the chill to capture some wonderful scenes...

Fox cub in the snow, Farnham Credit: Adrian Pallant
Ice on car roof, Ramsgate Credit: Chris Harman
Snow at Northchapel, West Sussex Credit: Ed Warren
Snow at Pinkhill Lock Credit: Anthony Morris
Fluffy garden visitor Credit: Irene Wood
Romsey becomes a winter wonderland Credit: Natasha Weyers
Frosty teasels in Christchurch Credit: Clinton Whale
Fog & frost in Wellow Credit: Jan Sutton
New Forest pony on a frosty morning Credit: Viv Stewart
Elegance in Portsmouth Credit: Vicky Stovell
Robin Credit: Chloe Andrews
Frosted cobwebs in Locks Heath Credit: Andrew Gregory
Chilly at Charlton Lakes, Andover Credit: Jez Rolfe
Grey Wagtail, Basingstoke Credit: Dave Levy
Hoar frost on foliage in Shepherdswell Credit: Connor Tyrrell
Stunning hoar frost & rime ice in Eastbourne Credit: Sharon Webster
Frosty feathers in Felpham Credit: Judy Hewlett
Early snowdrops Credit: Trevor Cridlan