Third lockdown: How businesses in our region are preparing

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The retail and hospitality industries have shown some relief at the news of a support grant  for businesses, but many say it's not enough to survive.

With all non-essential shops, hairdressers, and restaurants closed for at least the next 7 weeks and pubs now unable to serve takeaway alcohol, the Government has admitted there's an extremely difficult few months ahead. 

In order to help combat this, today the Chancellor announced there would be more support for retailers and businesses, and promised a complete review in the budget this March. 

Lockdown means that Salisbury market is one third the size it normally is and only traders who are selling essential items are allowed.

  • Salisbury Market

Streets in Oxford were quiet, as many shops and pubs are closed. 

The lockdown announced last night (4th) has left businesses like the Double Barrelled brewery in Reading, wondering how they'll cope.

  • Luci Clayton-Jones, Double-Barrelled Brewery:

Non-essential shops are closed across the country, including in Brighton, Dover and Maidstone.

While many businesses say it's a bad start to the year, this toy shop in Brighton has adapted by selling their stock online instead.

  • Peter Allinson, Shopkeeper:

We all knew this was coming. We and our customers are now used to working online. This part of Brighton is full of loads of shops all doing unusual things online and trying to make sure we reach out to our customers.

Peter Allinson, Shopkeeper