Baker makes spectacular cakes to thank our NHS

  • Report by Andy Dickenson

It's hoped that on Thursday we'll all be banging pots and clapping once again for our carers - but Beata Khoo has taken her appreciation for the NHS to a whole new level.

I just thought they deserve more than a cake, they deserve so much more, they're our heroes. Without them where would we be? And they're there in a battle. And if I can support them and give some kind of smile, that's the least I can do.

Beata Khoo, Baker

Beata says she was inspired by her neighbour - a hospital worker herself who delivers her creations to staff and patients. And as Beata's ambitions grew so did the results, her grinch cake for Christmas so big it fed over a hundred.

Each cake takes around a week and Beata is still planning her next creation - so large she wonders how she'll get it from her kitchen to the door!