Last-minute romantic wedding for couple after lockdown thwarts plans

  • Report from Andy Dickenson, photos courtesy of Michelle Cordner

A couple from Kent have been speaking about the moment they had a very quick decision to make about their wedding.

Jonathan & Rosie Gill-Moss from West Malling said that their original wedding date had to be cancelled because of the impending third lockdown. However, when a spot opened up, the couple rushed to get married with less than an hour’s notice.

They decided to tie the knot there and then after a vacant slot came up, just before the third lockdown came into force.

Frantic. Yes frantic. It's just what every bride dreams of, you know, getting ready in half an hour for their wedding day. I was in my gym kit, then I was in my wedding dress.

I'm a bloke, we can ready pretty quickly, so it was case of have a shower, put the suit on, do my hair and then nervously pace around until we were ready to set off.

Jonathan and Rosie Gill-Moss, Newlyweds

Jonathan was a widower, and Rosie was a widow when they met in a support group two years ago. Their love blossomed when Jonathon fell ill with Covid-19, and was placed in a coma for a month.

Now, together with their four children, the couple hope for a celebratory service with friends and family later in the year.