Fighting the virus: Sussex father describes Covid-19 ordeal from hospital ward

Grant de Jongh described his experience of fighting Covid-19 from his hospital ward in Eastbourne

A father from Sussex who is being treated for Covid-19 tells us people need to follow the rules.

Grant de Jongh and his family became unwell over Christmas, and while his wife and son avoided any serious symptoms, the 41-year old has needed oxygen in hospital.

"I'm getting better and better coming down on the oxygen.

"I didn't even really realise what was happening to me, I really was struggling to breathe, that instinct of wanting to breath wasn't being fulfilled and I felt like I was living from breathe to breathe."

Grant de Jongh became unwell over Christmas

Grant has praised the treatment he's received by staff at Eastbourne District General Hospital where he's spent almost two weeks.

"It started getting quite real when I noticed every other day or so and they were closing the curtains and that sadly meant someone hadn't survived and they were taking them off the ward. You kind of realise it's a difficult time."

Hospitals far busier with Covid-10 patients compared to the first wave

  • East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust which runs Eastbourne District General Hospital and the Conquest in Hastings

  • East Kent NHS Trust which runs the William Harvey in Ashford and QEQM in Margate:

  • Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust which runs Darent Valley in Dartford:

Nurses describe current situation as a 'war zone'

With some NHS Trusts seeing 10% to 15% of staff off sick - there's huge pressure on the frontline.

Patricia Marquis is the South East Regional Director for the Royal College of Nursing:

'Don't mess around'

Grant is encouraging people to stick to the rules and stay safe Credit:

Having experienced the impact of Covid-19 Grant is urging people to follow the rules,

"Don't mess around, it's the basic stuff, I sound like an advert but 'hands, face, space, it's right."