Berkshire woman reveals ordeal of catching Covid-19 twice

Video report by ITV News Meridian's Mel Bloor

A woman from Berkshire has spoken about her ordeal of catching Covid-19 twice.

70-year-old Pauline Britton from Theale had the virus in March 2020 and is now battling a second infection, having caught it from her husband two weeks ago.

Most people who have had Covid-19 are protected from catching it again for at least five months, according to Public Health England.

A study involving healthcare workers showed those infected with Covid-19, who had antibodies, had 83% protection from re-infection. 

Patients can now monitor their own oxygen levels at home Credit: ITV News Meridian

Now a new initiative at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading means Pauline and her husband Kelvin, who is 67, can be treated in their own home.

The 'Covid Virtual Ward' is designed to improve patients' safety and reduce hospital pressures.

The idea, which originally came from Italy, allows patients to be managed remotely.

Patients are given equipment to monitor their own oxygen levels and receive daily calls from a clinician - improving their safety and freeing up hospital staff and beds.

Patients receive a daily call from a clinician at the hospital Credit: ITV News Meridian

While bosses at the hospital admit they are caring for a large number of Covid patients, they say the situation is under control and that the hospital is not at risk of being overwhelmed.

In total, 800 patients have been managed through the 'Covid Virtual Ward' at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, helping to keep services running smoothly during such challenging times.