Norway government support Norwegian's rescue plan

The government of Norway has decided to support and contribute to the airline's funding of new capital Credit: ITV News Meridian

Norwegian have announced that the government of Norway has said it will support the struggling airline through the pandemic, a move that the airline says "significantly increases" their chances of positioning itself as a key player within Norwegian and European aviation.

It comes after the airline announced it will no longer fly long-haul routes which has had a huge impact on Gatwick Airport, threatening over 1,000 jobs.

Now familiar empty scenes inside Gatwick Airport Credit: ITV News Meridian

Following the announcement of end of long-haul flights the airline had said they would be drawing up a new business plan to navigate its way through the pandemic.

The new simplified business structure has a focus on a European route network and significantly reducing its debt. 

The plan plan comprises a fleet of around 50 aircraft in operation this year, and to gradually increase to approximately 70 aircraft in 2022, pending demand and potential travel restrictions.

The airline's debt will be reduced to around NOK 20 billion, and the company will raise four to five billion NOK in new capital.

It's hoped the government support can help secure jobs at airports like Gatwick Credit: ITV News Meridian

Norwegian CEO Jacob Schram: " "With a new business plan, and a participation from the government, we are confident we can attract investors and get through the reconstruction process".

The airline also says the government support will contribute to help securing jobs and maintain healthy competition within the aviation sector.