Hope that the tides are turning - as new vaccine centre opens in Sussex

  • Report by Andy Dickenson

A new vaccine centre has today opened in Eastbourne, as the vaccine programme across the south east ramps up by administering thousands of jabs.

Nearly 6 million people have so far been given a Covid vaccine across the UK. 

Around 800 patients will be vaccinated here by the evening, the repurposed sports hall set to open 12 hours a day, every day for the foreseeable future.

Mary and John Carden were among the first to use it.

I think it's really important that we all get it for the NHS and to protect them. We've got two grand-daughters who are in London looking after the intensive care units and it's dramatic to see what it's done to them. They are really tired and worn out and we must protect them.

Mary and John Carden

It's really important that we get these centres up and running. The more centres we have the more patients we can vaccinate and as we know that's going to be our way through Covid. The patients we're seeing are really happy to be here, a lot of them haven't been out of their houses for months.

Dr Raj Chandarana

The vaccinations being given by appointment only - a shot in the arm for the individual's protection and our collective recovery.