Car found abandoned on railway track in north Kent

250121-abandoned car on railway in kent
This car was abandoned at the Stone Level Crossing near Dartford. Credit: @BTPKent

British Transport Police say the driver who abandoned their car on a level crossing in north Kent endangered not only their own life, but that of a train driver and passengers too.

It happened at the Stone Level Crossing near Dartford on Saturday (23 January).

In a tweet, Network Rail said: "Don't be like the driver of this car, who abandoned ship on the railway near #StoneCrossing last night and wasted emergency service time and people."

A man was arrested and has since been charged with obstruction of the railway.

Car abandoned on railway track in Kent. Credit: @BTPKent

Last week CCTV was released by Network Rail showing a woman lying on a railway track in East Sussex to pose for photographs.

The footage, taken at Tidemills level crossing, is the latest in a series of "dangerous" incidents on the railway, which Network Rail say could have ended with fatal or life-changing consequences.

'Shocking' CCTV shows woman lying on railway tracks in East Sussex posing for photographs

It is the 17th incident at the crossing in the last nine months, since 1 April 2020.

The other incidents include people filming the emergency stop of an oncoming train, bicycle riders narrowly missing a train, large groups of pedestrians trying to beat approaching trains and a funeral procession using the crossing.