Places of worship still serving - yet most remain closed in Lockdown 3

  • Video report by ITV News Meridian's Andy Dickenson

Food is being prepared at the Gravesend Gudwara for deliveries to the most vulnerable and NHS staff.

Like so many religious communities, Sikhs are striving to help those most affected by the pandemic - while adapting to the shifting sands of regulations and needs.

We're made to grow spiritually when we're in community with one another so, because we've lost that at the moment, I think if people thought it was going better than before for them I'd be concerned. But I think it's important not to rush back because we don't want to place people at risk and become a centre for spreading Covid around our city.

Jonny Holman, Holland Road Baptist Church

The reality is most faith communities are still only worshipping virtually.

Churches in East Sussex have been asked to close by the the Director of Public Health. Even bat mitzvahs are taking place online.

The last service we held in the synagogue was actually on the 14th March last year... But it actually worked out with 2m distance that we could get about 15 people into our space, and then you've got the issue of who do you decide goes? So in fact we've decided we're not doing that.

Rabbi Elli Tikvah Sarah, Brighton & Hove Progressive Synagogue

For those that are open the elderly are often being advised not to attend. While religious leaders try to address misinformation about the vaccine itself.

We really do need to have as high a take-up as possible in order to get through this crisis, get out of the other side, so we encourage people to have the vaccinations.

Jagdev Singh Virdee, Gravesend Gudwara

The opportunity to reflect perhaps one of the few benefits of lockdown, some say they're seeing a renewed interest in the divine.

The passion to serve firmly established - whether open or closed.