Huge waves cause flooding and injury in Portland

One man needed treatment for a leg injury

High tides and huge waves have caused flooding in the Chiswell area of Portland.

One person needed medical attention for a suspected broken leg after water and debris surged into streets.

A car was swept away by the force of the seawater.

Portland Beach Road was closed while emergency services, including HM Coastguard and paramedics, responded to the incident.

Crowds gathered higher up on the island to watch the fierce waves batter Chesil Beach and the lower-lying area, following two days of heavy rain and winds in the region.

Eyewitness Louise Summers told us what happened:

The Environment Agency had issued a Flood Warning for the area, forecasting sea spray overtopping along the coast as a result of high tides and strong winds.

Although the immediate danger has passed, people are being urged to be careful along beaches, promenades and coastal footpaths and roads.

Home owners are being warned to take flood precaution measures.