Homes and roads affected by flooding across Berkshire and Oxfordshire

Video report by ITV News Meridian's Juliette Fletcher

A resident from Wargrave in Berkshire says she's devastated after her property flooded over the weekend. 

Parts of Berkshire and Oxfordshire have been hit by heavy rainfall in recent weeks.

Sarah Pomeranz says along with this recent flooding, she's also trying to recover from her house flooding back in 2014.

She says: "It's right up to our front doorstep and it is gushing past our front door because it is just a very small opening. But we've got more rain scheduled for early this week so I'm expecting it to enter my house quite soon.

"I am a single mother with a child and animals and live in the lowest part of the road."

"We were catastrophically flooded in 2014 and are still trying to get our house reinstated by the insurance company as a result of that."

In Wargrave where the River Loddon meets the Thames, Sarah believes they need better  management of weirs in the area, but the Environment Agency says once a weir is flooded there is not much that can be done.

Eighteen flood warnings are in place across Berkshire and Oxfordshire on Monday (1 February) after rain and snowfall have led to higher than usual river levels.

Pictures show Riverside car park in Wallingford (Oxfordshire) completely submerged.

Riverside car park in Wallingford Credit: ITV News Meridian

Meanwhile West Oxfordshire District Council says it is supporting households with sandbags available where necessary, and is working with the Environment Agency and County Council to monitor water levels.

The wintry weather will continue this week according to Met Office forecaster, Simon Partridge.After some more settled conditions, Mr Partridge said: "It gets a bit more interesting as we go into Tuesday and the middle of the week."

He predicted a "much heavier" band of rain to arrive overnight on Monday into Tuesday which will "quickly turn to snow as it bumps up against cold air", and has triggered further yellow weather warnings for snow and ice on Tuesday and Wednesday.