Oxford coronavirus vaccine: 76% protection during 3 months before second dose

Researchers at the University of Oxford have today revealed a single dose of the vaccine is 76% effective from 22 to up to 90 days after the vaccination.

Research found once the immune system built up its protection 22 days after the vaccination, it showed little evidence of waning in this period. 

It found the dosing interval, and not the dosing level, is the thing that has the biggest impact on the effectiveness of the vaccine.

It supports previous research done with other vaccines such as influenza, Ebola and malaria.

The authors also report further on the potential for the vaccine to reduce transmission of the virus, based on swabs obtained from volunteers in the UK arms of the trial with a 67% reduction after the first dose of the vaccine.

They also hope to report data regarding the new variants in the coming days, and expect the findings to be broadly similar to those already reported by fellow vaccine developers.