Project Wingman charity brings airport lounge service to nhs workers

  • Watch a report by John Ryall

A group of airline pilots and cabin crew who have been grounded by the pandemic havejoined together to do something to help NHS workers.The team set up Project Wingman last year to bring some of the services on offer in a typical luxury airport-style lounge to 80 hospitals nationwide.

The people behind ‘Project Wingman’ have now converted a double decker bus into a mobile hospitality unit for NHS staff at hospitals across the South East.

The bus has been kitted out in Faversham

The facility was created at Faversham, in Kent’s oldest surviving bus depot. From Monday 8th February the bus will start a nationwide tour, and is set to visit hospitals in Kent and Sussex during March and April.

The charity is planning to create three more similar buses to give NHS staff across England a taste of a first class lounge.