Sussex students' film about drug use shortlisted for festival

A film centred on raising awareness of the societal impacts of drug use, made by students in Brighton, has been shortlisted for a prominent film festival. 

The short movie was praised by Sussex Police and and shared thousands of times online and could now feature as part of The London Rolling Film Festival.

Called 'What's in your pocket', it highlights issues of child exploitation, debt bonding, abuse and coercion that are often an integral part of the drug supply chain. 

The team worked alongside community partners including Sussex police, YMCA and Crimestoppers to highlight the issues.

The film aims to break down typical stereotypes around who is buying and selling drugs. 

The charity, The Children's Society, says the number of children groomed into county lines the trafficking of drugs across counties is increasing. 

The film was created by a group of marketing students in Brighton.

Children aged 15-17 are the most likely to be groomed into criminal exploitation.

However, the charity has has seen children as young as six being manipulated into trafficking and selling drugs. 

The students collaborated with local production company Smokescreen Visuals to transform the team's ideas