Special County Lines operation at Winchester station finds 7 in possession of drugs

  • Video report by ITV News Meridian's Cary Johnston

New figures show British Transport Police have made more than 1000 arrests, and seized more than 500 stashes of drugs related to County Lines crime, since 2019.

County Lines is where gangs use children and young people to traffic drugs, using dedicated mobile phones or "lines", into new locations outside of their home areas.

British Transport Police on a special County Lines operation at Winchester train station. Credit: ITV Meridian

An operation led by British Transport Police at Winchester station led to 17 searches, with 7 of those stopped found to be in possession of drugs.

Children's charities say it is important that children involved are treated as victims, and that parents and guardians become more aware of the signs of grooming. These can include:

  • Missing episodes - being gone late at night or early in the mornings or for longer periods of time

  • Carrying lots of cash/ having unexplained money or expensive items

  • Making more calls or sending more messages/ having more than one phone

  • Skipping school

  • Staying out late or travelling for unexplained reasons

  • Becoming angry or aggressive

  • Spending more time on social media and being secretive about time online

  • Unexplained injuries and refusing to seek medical help

Get support

If you are worried that your child might be involved in county lines operations, below are links to charities with experience in helping young people.

The Children's Society



St Giles Trust