Concert for cows: Why a Dorset farm is turning to music for milking

  • Video report by ITV Meridian reporter Richard Jones:

A herd of cows in Dorset have been treated to a live musical performance to improve their milk.

Around 120 cows at Hollis Mead Farm were serenaded by musician Ben Waters, who's previously performed with bands including The Rolling Stones.

Farm bosses say the music improves the cows' happiness and in turn makes them produce better milk. 

  • Pianist Ben Waters from Dorset says he's enjoyed playing to an audience of a completely different kind

The dairy farm started last year at the beginning of the pandemic.

Owners asked Ben to hold a live concert for the animals because they are said to find jazz and reggae gets them in a calm moo-d.

Cows enjoying the concert at a farm in Dorset

Researchers say that cows give more milk when listening to music as, according to the Modern Farmer magazine, they feel at peace and relaxed when they listen to music and produce more milk.

However, the connection between the cows and increased productivity of milk had no scientific explanation.