Lockdown Lift: Lost turtle returns after its "trip" to Brighton

  • Video report by ITV Meridian's Malcolm Shaw:

A lost toy from Brighton's Sea Life Centre was reunited with its owner after a "trip" away.

Mila Upshon was given her favourite toy turtle, called Tiddles, while on a visit to the centre two years ago.

The toddler and her turtle became inseparable.

However, Mila lost the toy shortly before her beloved Grandfather, Paul, passed away on Christmas day.

Without Tiddles to provide comfort, the two-year-old has felt upset and anxious ever since.

Mila lost Tiddles shortly before her beloved Grandfather, Paul, passed away on Christmas day.

Becky Upshon, Mila's mother, messaged the Sea Life Centre to see if they had any more turtles in stock she could buy.

She said: "I still have no idea where he's gone or where we lost him. Mila was very upset at bedtime, not knowing where he is."

The General Manager, Neil Harris, found two new turtles and came up with a charming story to explain Tiddles' disappearance.

Neil wrote a story about how Tiddles had gone to Brighton's Sea Life Centre to see the animals Credit: ITV Meridian

Neil took photos of himself with the new 'Tiddles', and his newly-discovered brother 'Tommy', enjoying the Sea Life Centre.

He wrote Mila a story about how the turtle wasn't lost but had instead returned to see the animals there.

He said: "It's really lovely to be able to spread some magic during these quite tough times."

Mila's mum said she was "overwhelmed" that Neil had gone to so much trouble.

  • Neil Harris, General Manager, Sea Life Brighton

The Sea Life Centre is currently closed due to the lockdown, but staff are still busy caring for all the creatures.

Neil said it hopes to re-open at the earliest opportunity.

Becky and Mila say they'll be among the first to come back.