Looking back: The winters of 1963 & 1987

Residents in East Dean during the Winter of 1987
Residents in East Dean during the Winter of 1987 Credit: ITV/Coast to Coast

People in Kent and Sussex have experienced cold temperatures and snow for the past week.

On Wednesday, Britain had it's coldest night since 1955, which a temperature of -23 degrees recorded in Scotland.

Temperatures in Kent haven't exceeded 0°C since 4pm on Wednesday (10/11), according to the Met Office.

Clement Pradier filmed himself skiing down Wye Crown Hill on the Kent Downs.

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This year's Winter in the South East is nothing however, compared to that of 1963 and 1987.

Snow settled down across England in 1963 just after Christmas, and the thaw didn't begin until March.

In January 1963, the sea froze over in Herne Bay and in Wadhurst.

Juliet Nicolson, has written a book about the winter of 1963, which she spent at Sissinghurst Castle in Kent.

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In Winter 1987, the village of East Dean in Eastbourne was cut off due to heavy snow.

Residents were unable to leave until snow plows managed to clear a road into the village.

The A259 Seaford Road was submerged underneath a wall of snow that was 7ft high.

The village pub, Tiger Inn, only had enough beer to last until Monday but spirits were bright.

The landlord at the time, Jim Conroy, said "it's the best Winter we've had since I came here".

Residents there helped one another out and said there was "a strong sense of community spirit".

  • WATCH: Phil Hornby, reporting for Coast to Coast, 1987:

Local police officer, Graham Gillam coordinated the distribution of supplies for the villagers.

The nearby hamlet of Crowlink also remained cut off for quite a few days due to the heavy snow.