Drivers heading to London warned they could face new boundary charge

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Next year, crossing into Greater London, could cost you close to £40 a week.

After the pandemic, London Mayor Sadiq Khan wants to impose a Greater London Boundary Charge on non-resident drivers who enter the outer London boroughs, if the plan goes ahead.

You'll have to pay £5.50 - or £3.50 for low-emission cars -  to cross the border into Greater London  - a border that largely follows the line of the M25.

If you carry on towards the centre, you'll pay the ULEZ pollution charge of £12.50 when you go beyond the South Circular/North Circular. And even closer to the centre, that'll be another  £15, when you enter the congestion charge zone 

Potential charge areas

The charge would hit the thousands of people who drive into Greater London from across Kent and Sussex - especially those living on the border - who cross to go to work, shop or take children to school.

Many drivers are angry, and a petition against the charge - started by Parish Councillor George Holt - has so far collected more than 25,000 signatures.

In a statement a spokesperson for the London Mayor said money had to be raised to overcome the 'unprecedented financial challenges TfL faces as a result of the pandemic'. The proposed charge would reduce congestion and emissions while encouraging more use of public transport.'

The boundary charge would not be imposed until next year at the earliest. But it's shaping up as a big issue for this year's London mayoral elections.